About ^^

Hello guys,,

there is maxim said that “tak kenal maka tak sayang,, tak sayang maka tak cinta”.. o.O?


so.. i want to introduce about my self to you guys..


my name is Hartiwi Pradikta, u can call me “tiwi” ^_*

I’m indonesian person and i’m 18th years old..


i have two brothers who very missed me,, but i don’t have sister 😥

although that, i’m very-very happy can live in my little family.


very-very happy when rain is fall ! coz for me,,, hujan adalah anugrah terbesar dari ALLAH swt.,


very like

*pink colours..

*chocolate n ice cream *_*


ok guys ,, i think that’s all about my self.. n keep enjoy to welcome in blog ^_*


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